"Have bought several books on the subject as I have terminal cancer. This is definitely the best. It gives the pro's and cons of all types of treatments, traditional and alternative. Lots of protocols to choose from for healthy eating, cancer slowing diets. Everything written in one book by a man whose wife died of cancer 20 years before writing the book. He researched it for 20 years and gives all the sources of his information so that you can pursue the things that interest you further. If anyone asked for a recommendation on a book on this topic, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one." - Amazon (Canada)

“Perhaps the only resource for comprehensively evaluating alternative cancer treatments.”

Townsend Letter to Doctors Aug/Sept 2012

“Jonathan Chamberlain’s website has long been one of my favourites …
Mr. Chamberlain has a voice that is at once humble and powerful. I like writers that cut to the chase, and then do not skimp on the practical details … and I really like his attitude. He speaks from the heart, but clearly wants you to use your head. Good combination.”

The Doctor Yourself Newsletter (Vol.4, No.4, 20 Jan 2004)

“I now can recommend your book to the people in my support group, as the book to read. You have covered just about everythng that I have read, and it took me over twenty books and innumeral downloads to do it. Thanks again, and no I’m not going to give your hard work away! The book is more precious than gold!”

Richard Thompson

“Thank you for the organization of a fragmented body of information. This book is now the reference book on alternative treatments.”

Jim Cole

“I have found your book one of the most useful I have come across & thank you for researching and writing it.”

Mrs Nickie Bunyan

“Where can I get your book? I have bought 30 copies second hand over the internet to give to friends.”


“Your book is a masterpiece of both content and composition. The fact that you have kept it alive via your webpage for patients everywhere is a wonderful contribution. I have been impressed by the originality, persistence and quality of your work…I could not help but notice that your work was in response to your loss of your wife. I know that you will never get over it but your wonderful work is a grand testimonial as to how you did, in fact, get through it and turn this personal tragedy to something of value to mankind. I admire you for that.”

Gerald White, Founder Seeds of Joy Foundation

“This book tells me everything I want to know. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”

Rev. Bill Newbern

“Thank you for improving my knowledge of cancer.
Your site is wonderful and inspiring.”

Hazel Lee

Dear Jonathan:
First of all let me say: Congratulations on your superb book!
I have a vast experience in this field of alternative cancer treatment going back to 1999. I have attended dozens of alternative, complementary, and integrative cancer conferences and workshops (I attend every such event that I hear about); have had discussions with hundreds of holistic cancer practitioners and thousands of cancer patients; am active on all the alternative cancer listservs (email discussion groups); and have read or am familiar with almost every book written on alternative cancer treatment (and have compiled an annotated bibliography of them). Let me say immediately that your book is authoritative, reputable, and much more comprehensive and better balanced than the vast majority of other books on the topic. Also, it has much valuable material that I don’t recall seeing in any other book.
The book would strongly appeal to cancer patients and their families. The tone is perhaps a bit too strong for conventional medical practitioners, but the book isn’t written for them. But it is very suited towards the general public and certainly to cancer patients for whom it was clearly written. In fact the tone is engaging and lively and will appeal to anyone sympathetic to alternative approaches to cancer.
You have succeeded in making a complicated subject accessible and I certainly do hope you can find a publisher soon. I would be happy to personally recommend it highly and without reservation to any publisher wishing further comment.

Leonard S Rosenbaum, MA
Board of Dirs., Intl. Assn. of Cancer Victors & Friends (IACVF; www.cancervictors.net)
Board of Dirs., Washington Professionals for the Study of Psychoanalysis (WPSP; www.washpsp.org)

Hi Jonathan
Your site is excellent, resourceful, multitude of information. This and that, I have spent 2 good days going through your site. My mate is battling cancer and I have used some of the things listed there. He is coming along fine and feeling much better each day. Your article from Annie Wells certainly brought tears to my eyes. It makes me see life in a different and better light. But, back to you, your goodness does not go unnoticed by the almighty. You, I am sure have touched 1000s, maybe more with your site. My prayer is that God continue to bless you with the spirit that you show. I am sure no one else has such info and up to date material that you have. Nevertheless, in this day when cancer has reached all time highs and is continuing. It does one’s heart good to see what you have here. So many many blessings for your unselfish labor of love for others and especially those you do not know.

Thanks again,


“I recently bought your book because I have become very involved in the life of an old friend and the challenges she faces with a diagnosis of secondary liver cancer. We were both comforted and somewhat inspired by the broad sweep of your book.”

Ron Crennell

Just a note to let you know how much I admire and appreciate all that you have done for humanity. I realize that it is a gift to share your inner self and life experience with others.

Patti Stiewing, Founder, Amber’s Alliance

The section on conventional treatment was riveting. For someone like me, who’s chosen the alternative route right from the start, that section is actually very comforting! Leaves you in no doubt that there is no alternative to the alternatives!

Ann Napier, Publisher, Cygnus Book Club

“Well done, I do think you have made a good job of covering such a wide variance in subjects and keeping it readable. I particularly like your writing style, factual and calm about what is frankly the ridiculous state of relationships between orthodox and alternative approaches.”

Patricia Peat, Cancer Options (cancer consultancy)

Dear Jonathan
I just want to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice. I also want to say how inspirational your book and all its suggestions have been. It has enabled me to keep positive for my sister over the past terrible months. I just hope I can get her to follow some of your recommendations!

Emma Greener

Chamberlain’s Cancer Recovery Guide packs a lot of discussion on theory and treatment into what may be the best read on alternative therapies for cancer.

Townsend Letter for Doctors

“As a tool, Mr Chamberlain’s book could be invaluable to many. Clearly written and organised, full of priceless information and as gripping as any thriller for anyone interested in the topic of cancer, The Cancer Survivor’s Bible deserves its title.”

Alliance for Natural Health

“I work with cancer patients and have found this book incredibly helpful to them (and me & my work colleagues). Very well laid out, well written. Naturally some therapies and clinics are better covered than others – but the author sets out what is ‘out there’ to help cancer patients.”

S. Lumley

“I am so glad I was tipped off to read this book. [It] put things in perspective and was invaluable to me in making my decisions about follow-up treatment. The author does not advocate either the ‘orthodox’ or ‘alternative’ route, but suggests the reader should decide on the combination of approaches that are right for themselves.”

Lucy W

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