Section 1: What you need to know about cancer (the two ways of visualising cancer); about yourself (which character profile best describes you?); and about the decision-making journey (Which strategy is best for you?). Also, the basic facts about cancer.

Section 2: Diagnostic procedures and the Conventional treatments. The pros and cons. The achievements and the limitations. And the dangers - and what you can do to protect yourself.

 Section 3: Research & Politics - the wider context of cancer. Why has cancer research not come up with the cure? Why do researchers not study vitamins and herbs? The politics of medicine and what happened to the scientists who bucked the system.

Section 4: Detox and Diet - a detailed discussion about detox options and dieting strategies. What should be embraced and what avoided?

Section 5: Herbs, Botanicals and Biological therapies. Many herbs and herbal combinations have been suggested as being beneficial. What are the options? What are the issues? What are the dangers?

Section 6: Vitamins and Other Supplements. A full discussion of what vitamins in what forms and in what quantities may be helpful (or harmful).

Section 7: Energy Medicine: Electro-magnetic, light-based, and other energetic (psychic, spiritual, biological) interventions.

Section 8: Cancer Survivors’ Stories. The stories of over 20 people who recovered from cancer using different strategies. Some were at the brink of death but are now cancer-free. How did they do it?


“I am so glad I was tipped off to read this book… This book helps to put things in perspective and was invaluable to me in making my decisions about follow-up treatment.  …The author does not advocate either the 'orthodox' or 'alternative' route, but suggests the reader should decide on the treatment - or combination of approaches - that are right for themselves.”– Lucy W. (Amazon UK review)

“I work with cancer patients and have found this book incredibly helpful to them (and me & my work colleagues). Very well laid out, well written.” – S. Lumley, cancer patient counsellor

“ Healthcare professionals will not give you any of this information. I really like the style of how the book is written in that it does not direct you on how the author thinks you should act. Rather it informs you of both sides so as to arm you in making an informed decision that is right for you and your family.” - Amazon reviewer, UK

“The best purchase for anyone to get unbiased advice about cancer, everything you would ever need to know. Great stuff.” - Beverley Perkins, Amazon UK.

“Exhaustive book which lays it all out for cancer patients - puts forward strong views backed up by research, but leaves it up to the reader to take what they need.”- Peter, Amazon UK

“Since I was diagnosed with the dreaded C disease, I have read many books on and around the subject, and when I read this one, I wish now I had not wasted any money on the rest. The info here is virtually all you need to know.” - Funland Addict, Amazon, UK.

 I’ve never seen a book with more information in one place than in the Cancer Survivor’s Bible. If only it had been available in 1982 – my life would have been so different. There is nothing personal or strident in this publication, just explanations of the many choices open to patients wishing to optimise their chances of regaining or maintaining health through every channel, be it diet, supplementation, physical or spiritual means. There are many very useful tips on overcoming side effects of 'mainstream' cancer treatments. My copy is already well-thumbed - it is an amazing book.  - Jan Millington, chairman, RAGE (patient advocacy group for radiation damaged cancer patients)

“Congratulations on your superb book! …. You have succeeded in making a complicated subject accessible.” - Leonard S. Rosenbaum.

"Clearly written and organised, full of priceless information and as gripping as any thriller for anyone interested in the topic of cancer." - Adam Smith, Science Officer, Alliance for Natural Health, UK

“Well done, …I particularly like your writing style, factual and calm about what is frankly the ridiculous state of relationships between orthodox and alternative approaches.”—Patricia Peat, Cancer Options (cancer consultancy)

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