Cancer Resources

The following resources are as good a place as any to start your journey

Orthodox resources

If you want more information on the latest orthodox treatment for your particular type of cancer then go to:

Alternative resources

I recommend these useful newsletters:

Children and cancer

The following links have been suggested by the children of Mrs Finlay’s group as being useful in relation to children’s cancers:

Other useful websites

Two websites seething with passion and ideas:

Two websites with a wide range of information:

Asbestos, lung cancer and mesothelioma

Useful discussion groups

The Yahoo chat groups are well worth joining (Go to and click on ‘groups’) – I would particularly recommend the Cancercured, the Alternative Medicine and the FlaxseedOil2 groups.

Other Links

My own cancer archive

My Facebook discussion group

Whatever you decide to do, good luck in your journey.

Jonathan Chamberlain

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60-plus key insights into cancer and how you can take control of your journey. 84 pages that will change the way you view the world of cancer.

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Cancer? Don't Panic!

The Cancer Book that's tells you everything

The Cancer Survivor's Bible

Cancer Recovery Guide

If you just want an overview, then my short book The Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Strategies is the book for you.

The Cancer Survivor's Bible

'An Amazing Cancer Cure Story'

The true story of a boy sent home to die - but he didn't. His Nana and Grandad wouldn't let him.

The Amazing Cancer Kid


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