The Vitamin C Wars

Trying to get information out there through the mainstream media is proving very difficult. I have been trying to get The Guardian newspaper to say something. They did. They found a doctor who didn’t know anything about it who said there was no proof it worked! Here is the first hand account of someone who tried it. Jesse Sanchez

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Vitamin C – Could it be the weapon we need to fight Covid-19?

Could it be that people are dying because, for the last 50 years, there has been an enormous effort to brainwash people into believing that Vitamin C is worthless and that anyone touting it is a crank or a quack? (Certainly, that is what I have come to believe – but then I am one of the cranks). To be educated to avoid the one thing that might save us, wouldn’t that be a crazy state of affairs? 

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Coronavirus Pandemic

We are living in a strange, and dangerous, time. The Coronavirus has spread throughout the world. But one subject is not being discussed: How can we protect ourselves if we come into contact with it. Yes, wearing masks might help (but probably not a lot). So will staying indoors (but one day we will have to come out again). These are ways of avoiding coming into contact with the virus but, almost inevitably, one day, we will all be exposed. These are ways of delaying the spread and hopefully a vaccination will be developed that will save us. But it won’t come quickly. However (thank God) most people who get the virus suffer very mild or moderate symptoms. So, in my search for natural cancer cures are there any substances that I have come across that may be helpful in protecting ourselves from the virus, or help us to be among those who only suffer mild symptoms. And the answer is YES. 

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