Radiation Damage Caused By Medical Experiment Scandal

Yesterday I was honoured to be the guest speaker at RAGE’s AGM. RAGE is a group of old ladies who were deliberately given high doses of radiation every other day (as opposed to smaller doses every day) on an experimental basis (they weren’t told it was an experiment) over 20 years ago. The result was Continue reading “Radiation Damage Caused By Medical Experiment Scandal”

Welcome to my new Blog

Hello, I am Jonathan Chamberlain, author of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible.

Cancer. I have been living with this word for over 18 years, since my wife, Bernadette, was first diagnosed. That day, which I remember very clearly, was the day both our lives changed. She put her life and cancer treatment into the hands of the doctors and I went along with that because, quite simply, I was not aware of any alternative options. I knew nothing about cancer. And I think this is typical. Most of us know nothing about cancer until the disease comes knocking on our door. Continue reading “Welcome to my new Blog”