The Vitamin C Wars

Trying to get information out there through the mainstream media is proving very difficult. I have been trying to get The Guardian newspaper to say something. They did. They found a doctor who didn’t know anything about it who said there was no proof it worked! Here is the first hand account of someone who tried it. Jesse Sanchez

This is one of the most craziest virus as I’ve ever seen in my life. Normally I get over any kind of flu within 3 to 5 days maybe seven and some cases but this particular virus reeks havoc in your body. I didn’t start taking high-dose vitamin C treatment intravenously until 3 weeks after I caught the virus but now that I’ve been doing treatments, 25 g every other day, I believe this is where God led me to and used to save my life because I have no other alternative but just stay home because I did not want to go to the doctors because they can’t do anything for you except observe you and literally watch you either make it or die on your own. But I got a treatment today and for some reason I don’t know where I started having shortness of breath, not too bad but enough to make me concerned so even after the 25 g of treatment I am doing 1000 mg every hour of absorbic acid vitamin C every hour and I was able to start breathing regular again so you really do need a lot of vitamin C to fight this virus even after the bad part if it’s over it reeks havoc.” 

Or maybe this article will be more persuasive:

From a peer-reviewed journal – 26 March 2020:…/pii/S2590098620300154


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