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I’ve been trying to find a publisher to publish a new edition of  the Cancer Survivor’s Bible. I told them there was big interest in India. Below you can see the comments. They love the book but don’t think it has commercial value. (I am soon going to have to put the price up so if you’re interested now could be the time to buy!) – so if anyone knows a reputable Indian publisher, let me know. Below are the comments provided by the publisher’s readers:

  1. This is a difficult one. Love the title, approach, good writing, looks down our street. But it’s big – 7-800 pages or so. No medical qualifications or platform. I don’t know how much this is re-vamped material already published, what the previous sales were, etc. Many tens of thousands of titles on cancer out there. Nothing here on the marketing – and we can’t afford to pay for book tours/interviews etc for authors who aren’t already bestsellers, and it’s not possible to get books into India at West European prices, etc….. The book is available on Amazon. A number of 5 star reviews. Could we add enough value, trying to get it into the trade? I don’t know. Shops generally have room for 2 or 3 titles on cancer. They already know this one, it’s available. Takes them a couple of seconds to look the sales figures up. They aren’t going to stampede to buy a new edition. And we’d struggle to bring it out (given the length) at the same price as it’s currently on amazon. Unless we were really sure about the sales estimate. Regretfully, I’d pass. 

2. This is excellent – there should be a copy in every home. It’s well written using reader friendly language and a touch of humour. Sadly, the fact it’s been published in different forms with additional information but essentially covering the same bases goes against it. It’s also very long and therefore costly to produce and very reluctantly I’m afraid it has to be a pass. I do wish the author the very best with it. 


3. Wonderfully written. Sadly, this would be difficult to re-introduce as something new plus the size would increase the RRP making it difficult to sell to the numbers we would require. I feel 20,000 to 200,000 copies would be incredibly ambitious with so many similar titles on the market. Fantastically written though and I wish the author the very best for the future. It’s a pass from me.

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