Salicinium – a cancer cure?

I am currently updating my book The Cancer Survivor’s Bible and have just stumbled on a substance that really can claim to be an alternative cancer cure that does not cause pain and damage. The substance is Salicinium


This is one of the most exciting developments in relation to cancer treatment that I have read about. It is not a detox or a dietary substance and so does not really belong in this section – but it doesn’t really belong anywhere else either! I am discussing it here because there are some connections with chelation and Zeolite. This is a substance that can be used with chemo or independently as preferred. And it appears to be curative.  Reports are that this is effective in over 60% of cancer cases – including stage 4 cancers that are generally considered to be ‘terminal’.

To understand what Salicinium does, it is useful to review the basics of cancer. Otto Warburg is generally recognised to have explained the origin of cancer:   “the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” He experimented by putting normal aerobic cells into vacuums and reducing the oxygen levels. When oxygen levels fell by 35% the cells transformed themselves so that  they could make use of sugars to provide cellular energy through an anaerobic fermentation process. This was initially a reversible situation – pump more oxygen back into the vacuum and they reverted to normal cells. However, if the oxygen deprivation was allowed to continue for too long then the change became permanent. One of the consequences of the change is that the new anaerobic cells – ie cancer cells –  produced an enzyme, nagalase, that helps the cancer cell escape the attentions of the immune system.

This is where salicinium comes in. It is a sugar based molecule so the cancer cells – recognising its sugar component – absorb it but the salicinium interferes both with the fermentation process and with the enzyme nagalase. The immune system is then able to recognise and eliminate the unwanted cell. It does this quite quickly so a course of treatment usually lasts only a few weeks. There is no harm to normal cells.

Salicinium is usually taken in as an IV infusion but can also be taken orally with a product called Orasol.

The IV form of salicinium needs to be administered via approved medical practitioners so you will need to contact a centre where EDTA chelation is done, or an integrative medical practice. You can refer doctors to an article in The Townsend Letter for Doctors which was published in Aug/Sept 2016 (

Orasol can be obtained from


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