Prejudice and presumption

I’m really surprised at some of the comments I’ve got to my postings. I’ve been accused of favouring mustard gas, conning people out of money by my ‘scam’ and just straight lying – all from people who haven’t read any of the book – or indeed any of the reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Amazon Canada. What follows is my response to the latest accusation that my book was full of lies:

“What lies? I don’t sell any particular cure. I look at both conventional and alternative approaches with the same critical eye. I use a risk – cost -benefit analysis. If you look at the reviews on Amazon you will see that a lot of people have liked the book and find it gives them good information from an independent perspective. I don’t tell people not to do conventional treatment and I don’t tell people not to do alternative therapies. I provide the information they need to make their own informed opinions. I’m amazed at how many people assume their prejudices are better than informed discussion of the facts, the issues and the options. Let me ask you a question: what do you actually know about cancer? What is the source of your knowledge?”
To read the book yourself go to any internet bookshop (such as Amazon) – or click on the links at  If you want to be exposed to a non-ideological viewpoint The Cancer Survivor’s Bible is where you will find it.

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