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Hello, I am Jonathan Chamberlain, author of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible.

Cancer. I have been living with this word for over 18 years, since my wife, Bernadette, was first diagnosed. That day, which I remember very clearly, was the day both our lives changed. She put her life and cancer treatment into the hands of the doctors and I went along with that because, quite simply, I was not aware of any alternative options. I knew nothing about cancer. And I think this is typical. Most of us know nothing about cancer until the disease comes knocking on our door.

However, within a few weeks I was beginning the long process of educating myself. I devoured books. One of the first books that made me sit up and realise the doctors were not the only option was Ralph Moss’s book The Cancer Industry. This book provides the foundations for any alternative approach to cancer and I strongly suggest you all read it.

Over the next few months and years I read everything I could lay my hands on and these gradually coalesced into a strong generalised feeling that the doctors were way off course in their approach to
cancer treatment. I remember there were times I would wake up at three in the morning sweating with the thought that I was crazy to question the doctors. How could it be that a whole profession had got it wrong? But every time I went back to the logic, the factual basis and the experiences that underpinned the alternative approaches the more I saw that the alternative approaches had far more credibility collectively than the conventional approaches. It took me over a year before I was comfortable with that thought.

What particularly annoyed me was the irrationality that underlay much of the material I read that had been written by scientists employed by the FDA and the American Cancer Society. Much of it was empty rhetoric – and meaningless. This worried me. I read Linus Pauling – Cancer & Vitamin C and How to Live Longer and Feel Better – and was very impressed. Then I read various doctors and scientists – Richard Dawkins for one (in his foreword to John Diamond’s collected articles – Snake Oil? – for those who don’t remember John Diamond he was a journalist who had cancer and who was rabidly anti-alternative). Every time these writers approached the subject of vitamin C, I would say to myself: “At last, here is the counter argument and it’s going to be damn good and it’s going to put Linus Pauling in his place” but – you know what? – that never happened. Suddenly they would veer away from vitamin C. Because the fact was that Linus Pauling was absolutely spot on. They would sneer at vitamin C but they didn’t have any evidence to back up their sneering.

Unfortunately the information came my way too slowly and in too piecemeal a fashion for it to affect the course of Bernadette’s treatment. She died 15 months after she was diagnosed and most of that time was extremely painful to her. The treatment actually – of this I have no doubt – made her cancer more aggressive and so she suffered that pain only to die earlier than if she had done nothing.

This is what set me off on what has proved to be a two decade long journey to find the answers – which I have published in my book The Cancer Survivor’s Bible. You need them all together in one place so that you can read and re-read them while you are considering your own anti-cancer strategy. And not just the options, you need to know what the arguments are. That is what I have striven to provide.

I hope that my book and this blog will be your regular companion.

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