Cancer – the 4th Approach

Cancer – 4th Approach

Apologies again for the lateness – more internet problems, and for posting these out of order. Here is the missing 4th Approach.

Approach 4: Digestive Enzymes.

I have given the story in full in my book The Cancer Survivor’s Bible – but here is a useful summary

Wlliam Kelley was a dentist when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Knowing that this was generally, and very quickly, fatal, he theorised that if the pancreas was diseased it wasn’t able to do its job of producing the pancreatic enzymes necessary to digest the food he was eating and therefore he was not getting the benefit of that food. So he started taking large doses of pancreatic enzymes in part to take the pressure off the pancreas.

Along with other changes – dietary etc – he was able to cure his incurable disease. Naturally he spread the word and people with various different cancers – mainly ‘terminal’ stage cancers – came to him for advice and help, and he found the same protocol seemed also to work for them – breast, colon and other cancers all responded to the treatment.

Apparently if you take the enzymes with food they help to digest the food and if you take them on an empty stomach they fight inflammation in the body – and cancer is an inflammatory disease.

So, for this reason, I would take high doses of proteolytic enzymes. Animal and human studies, generally small scale, tend to show that those taking the enzymes live much longer than those who don’t. That’s good enough for me.

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