Cancer – Approach 1

With all eyes on Covid 19, people with cancer and other serious illnesses have been temporarily sidelined by doctors. But as we are cresting the wave (the first wave?) of Covid 19 cases, doctors are now seeing that there could be many more victims than those who lost and are losing their lives due to the pandemic. Cancer patients in particular will find that their cancers will have progressed and therefore will require more extreme interventions with a lower chance of success. So cancer deaths may increase because of Covid 19

That is to see the problem from the point of view of the mainstream medical profession – which most people depend on and look to for answers.

But there is another way of looking at the problem. I believe there is a great deal that cancer patients can do for themselves cheaply in their own homes without damaging themselves through extreme treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. 

For the next 14 days I am going to spell out some of the approaches that I would do if I were in the position of these cancer patients waiting at home for the doctors to deal with them. They may or may not provide a complete cure (I believe that in many cases they could) but they will certainly extend your life and improve the quality of that life. And I am not suggesting that you choose which ones to do. I am suggesting that you do all of them together.

Approach 1

Yes, Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is not just good against flus and pneumonia and possibly against Covid 19, it is also good for any inflammatory condition – and cancer is an inflammatory condition. It is also very important for the immune system. The more vitamin C you take the better. A normal healthy person will almost certainly be able to handle 10 grams a day divided into 2 or 3 equal doses.The best and cheapest way to take vitamin C is in its powder form as either ascorbic acid or as sodium ascorbate ( a neutral salt) for those who have problems of stomach acidity. (if you have ascorbic acid then you can neutralise it with sodium bicarbonate by mixing them together in equal proportions).  One flat teaspoon of powder is 5 grams.

If you are fighting cancer you will be able to tolerate much higher amounts of vitamin C (20 or 30 or even 40 grams a day) because vitamin C is completely non-toxic (for the vast majority of people) and the body uses what it is given – and when it is given more than it can use it dumps it (you have to run to the toilet). The amount necessary to achieve this dumping will tell you how healthy or unheathy you are. If for example you have to run to the toilet having taken 15 grams then you are very healthy. If you can take 30 grams without running to the toilet then you are fighting something and need to give the body even more vitamin C.

I am not suggesting that you suddenly give yourself 30 grams in one go. I suggest that you start with one teaspoon in the morning and another at night. After a few days add a third teaspoon at lunchtime. After a few days you can add another teaspoon at an appropriate time. If for example you feel that you have Covid 19 symptoms (or even a flu) I would have no problem taking a teaspoon of powder every hour. The body will tell me when enough is enough.

For me Vitamin C is the platform for health. Not only will it extend life but it will also reduce pain and improve your immunity. So that’s the first step to becoming cancer free or living with your cancer in a state of stasis.

Read my other posts on vitamin C for further information about this miracle of healing. You can buy vitamin C powder from any on-line health shop.

Tomorrow I will post my second approach.

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